'In Feast or Fallow' is a creative writing project by Anne Taylor highlighting personal reflections, travel writing, thoughts on spirituality, and more. 




A Brief Note from Anne:

In what seems like another life, I was a committed writer, and journaled voraciously. I recently came upon an old piece of work I wrote about ten years ago while home in Colorado. Reading it reunited me with a part of myself that chose a different path long ago, and left writing behind, swept away by the buzz of social media. In the early hours and days of 2018, being reminded of simpler times is quite a gift, times where I didn't see writing as an indulgence but more as a duty or a practice. 

'In Feast or Fallow' is thus a creative project, a reawakening of a beloved practice. The name refers to the idea that art, like a farmer's field, can often be like a harvest feast, while at other times it is left fallow, to rest and regenerate, and one day reawaken.